The Oregon Council of Presidents (OCOP) is an association of Oregon’s public universities that supports statewide focus and partnership among Oregon’s public universities. It was formed in 2015 to foster coordination and collaboration among the public university presidents, and other university officials, to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts, and to ensure effective sharing of resources, knowledge, best practices and advocacy.

Although governance authority at each university now rests at the institutional level, there remains a need for coordination, collaboration and communication among Oregon’s public universities. The universities share many common interests, perspectives and objectives that can be best accomplished when the universities speak with one voice. The responsibility for coordination and collaboration begins with the presidents of the universities and extends to other university officials as well, such as provosts and vice presidents of finance and administration.

The OCOP is led by a Chair and Vice-Chair. These roles rotate among the presidents every two years, with the Vice-Chair assuming the role of Chair and a new Vice-Chair being appointed.